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Puppy Housetraining Basics


June 9, 2017

Stepping into a carpet puddle in your cozy socks is a night terror that all puppy owners know all too well. Especially during the early stages of your puppy’s development. Accidents are unavoidable but the training process doesn’t need to be a constant struggle. Housetraining can be one of the most crucial steps to overcome when you bring home your new puppy. Everyone has advice and most of it is conflicting, so where do you start? Well here, that’s where! Read on for tips and tricks to get your new fluff ball tinkling outside.

The Myths Of Potty Training

The first things that we must address are the myths of house training. The main one being punishment. You will never be able to housetrain a puppy by scolding him for doing something wrong. The old advice to rub his nose in it is useless. So if you’ve heard these things or read them on the interweb simply and kindly put them aside and never allow them to darken the doors of your mind again.

Positively Positive!

House training, along with puppy training in general, must be a fun and positive experience for your little baby. It is the only way that your puppy will learn properly. The basis of positive potty training is easy. You reward behaviors that you like and ignore the behaviors that you don’t want to see again. But how do we use this technique to get your little pisser tinkling on the grass and not the carpet? Read on dear friend, read on…

3 Easy Steps to An Accident Free Floor

This is it, the essence of housetraining, just three steps repeated over a few weeks and your puppy will get it.

  1. Take your puppy outside as often as possible

    Every hour at first, then gradually less frequently. Wait while your pup sniffs around the yard, be patient, otherwise your puppy will sense that you are in a rush and want to follow you back inside. Try to remember the area your pup potties the first time. The smell of the previous time will stimulate your pup’s brain to go again. So try to remember this spot and return often!

  2. Remember, you are a cheerleader in this situation

    When your puppy pees or poops outside make a big fuss: hugs, kisses and treats. Before you go back inside give him a training treat, a toy, play fetch if that’s what you pup is into. Anything to make your baby feel like he has done something great. And remember -If your pup has an accident inside, simply clean it up and do not offer him any kind of interaction. Your puppy will soon start to wait to go outside in order to get your approval and positive reaction.

  3. Lastly, use a crate

    We will talk in detail about crate training later but for now, it is important for you to know that the crate is a great potty training tool. The crate is simply an extension of your puppy’s comfy bed. It is a nice place for him to be, with the added bonus of preventing accidents when he is left alone. By nature, your pup will rarely soil in his sleeping area.

  4. Some pups take longer than others to pick it up so be patient and stay positive. Good luck and happy housetraining!

    We know that there are many tips and tricks when it comes too potty training. Please share your experiences below! And post pictures of your pup to our FB page!

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    And remember, puppyhood is fast and is gone before you know it. Make sure to savor the time when your pup is young, and take lots of pictures along the way!