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What is the Best Flea Treatment for Dogs (and Puppies!)

Laura Day

August 7, 2019

What is the Best Flea Treatment

There are so many different flea treatments for dogs on the market that it can become difficult to choose which one to try out. Some are not as effective as you would be led to believe, and others can be downright dangerous! You want the best for your pup, so how do you make the right choice?

Don’t fret; you do not have to spend all your time agonizing over flea shampoo or flea spray brands in the store anymore! The best flea treatment can be found right here for both puppies and older dogs. You are about to get completely educated on the treatment you should use, why you should use it, and which ones to avoid.

The Best Flea Treatment for Puppies and Dogs

The answer to this question is quite tricky because every pup is different and lives a different lifestyle from others. However, the best of the best can be broken down into separate categories based on the way you feel would be best to apply the treatment. Let’s go over the categories and which treatments are best.

Flea Collars

Flea collars have been tried and tested to be effective, based on who you get one from. It will prevent fleas and keep them off! This treatment is best suited for dogs who love to roam and play outside (where there may be pests roaming around) or those who are going through the socialization process.

The most recommended flea collar on the market right now is the Seresto 8 Month Flea & Tick Prevention collar. You have two options: one for larger dogs and one for smaller dogs. You can begin using one on your pup as soon as 7 weeks of age, according to the site.

Why is This Treatment One of the Best?

Flea collars are popular with other dog owners for several reasons. They are easy to put on, they stay on, the flea poison lasts for months, and it does not require multiple treatments every day/every few weeks like topical treatments and chewable tablets do. Flea control for dogs is really easy with a flea collar for dogs, so you can keep your dog’s health in check without too much hassle.

Topical Treatments

Topical treatments to get rid of fleas on dogs are one of the most widely used by pet owners. They are easy to find and usually quite easy to apply. All you have to do is apply some on the scruff of the neck where your dog can’t lick it off and you are done!

The most popular topical treatment that you can buy right now is the K9 Advantix brand. The product comes ready for dogs of all sizes and breeds for the most appropriate and effective dosage.

It can definitely be pricey, but it is worth it to see your dog relieved again, isn’t it?

Why is This Treatment One of the Best?

What is the Best Flea Treatment for Dogs

This topical treatment didn’t gain its popularity for no reason! K9 Advantix is such a favorite of dog owners because it is effective, vet recommended, and it kills more than just fleas! It also covers ticks and mosquitos.

Chewable Tablets

This is perhaps one of the lesser known flea treatments out there, but many vets recommend oral treatments or pills for dogs and puppies who are already plagued with the vermin. For this, the most highly praised brand would be the Advantus Soft Chews. It’s almost like a little treat for your furry friend, and it will repel fleas once it’s been ingested into your dog’s body.

It is important to note that the dosage for this medicine is based on weight. Puppies may not be eligible for the treatment. Make sure to research prior to giving tablets to your pup.

Why is This Treatment One of the Best?

So what makes this flea treatment one of the best on the market? For one, customer reviews are better than that of others. These tablets from Advantus are easy for dogs to chew, it can potentially be used on puppies aged 10 weeks or older, and it is available without a prescription. No more costly vet visits just for a simple flea treatment!

If you want to learn more about the best flea treatments for puppies and dogs based on these categories, visit this page.

Things to Remember About Flea Treatments

Sure, anyone can recommend a flea prevention product of any kind to you. However, that is never a guarantee that it will work. Here is what you should think about when considering purchasing any flea treatment for your puppy or dog:

  • Ask your vet before you ask anyone else. A vet approved product is usually a good product. Your regular vet will be able to examine your dog and make sure that they can minimize the risk of an allergic reaction.
  • Never use products meant for other animals like cats on your dog. They are not made with the same ingredients. What is okay for cats may be toxic to dogs and vice versa. Stick with what the brands tell you to do and follow the directions.

Go out and give your pup some relief from the torture that is flea bites. The longer you wait, the worse it may get! Give your dog only the best.

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