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Interactive Dog Toy Ideas for Training Your Puppy

Laura Day

May 15, 2019

Interactive Dog Toy Ideas for Training Your Puppy

Puppies need near constant stimulation to keep their attention during training sessions. Interactive toys help them stay focused so you can train them quickly and efficiently! Finding a toy perfect for the job can be a little confusing, though, because few brands really take the time to explain how best to use them and for what. That is what you are going to learn today!

Each recommended type of toy has suggestions on how it should be used and the possible benefits of adding in this type of play to your puppy’s training routine.

Interactive Dog Ball Toys

The best thing that a puppy used to have was a plain old tennis ball to play with. In this modern era, though, your standard dog ball got upgraded in innovative ways to ensure that play and training sessions are more fun and stimulating to your puppy’s brain!

What do they do?

This type of toy usually has treats inside that are dispensed when a puppy kicks it or picks it up in his teeth. Many even make sounds to keep his attention; dogs are sensitive to sound, and they are curious creatures who like to find the root of things they don’t understand.

How can it be used for training?

You may be thinking that you have yet to see how these toys are relevant to the training experience, but they are useful in many!

  • Fetching. Teaching a dog to catch a ball and also bring it back to you is a skill. Some do not want to let a ball go after catching it, but they will after they figure out the secret to why these are so magical. You can put treats inside of the ball that your pup will have to work for. Once they are all gone, he’ll probably be begging for more. This is using the positive reinforcement method in a more fun way for you both!

Best interactive dog ball toys

Chew Toys

You need toys that are built tough to withstand the strong bite of your ferocious little buddy. They are fun for any time, but you can use them during training as well!

Chew Toys For Puppy

What do they do?

Chew toys are softer shapes that can be just plain rubber, but some have bonus features. Some squeak, others light up, and some do both!

How can it be used for training?

Chew toys are versatile and can be used for several different things during training sessions!

  • Walking on a leash/the “heel” command. Getting your pup to walk beside you or be okay with a leash is frustrating at first. Puppies love to play and be free, even when it is not necessarily the safest choice. They also don’t have the greatest attention spans, so you need a toy that will help them stay on track. Try something that squeaks or lights up; these new stimuli will be gripping, and the promise of how it can be played with puts a puppy on his best behavior!
  • Avoiding destructive behaviors. Puppies don’t often know that chewing on shoes, pillows, and really anything else is bad yet. Instead of punishing him, train him to get rid of those behaviors by encouraging to play with a chew toy instead! Having something to bite down on fulfills the aggression drive some have, and they will be too tired to gnaw on your boots afterward.

Best chew toys

Interactive Problem Solving Toys

Puppies need to hone their problem-solving skills and overall intelligence like adult dogs do. If you start them early, you can be sure to have one genius pup on your hands! Toys made for this purpose exist in many forms to assist you in helping your doggo be his best self.

What do they do?

Most problem-solving toys require a pet to work for treats by picking them out of a cup or opening a specific thing. Some take the form of mazes, some as tubes and towers. The imagination of the manufacturers is endless, so many of these toys are completely different in shapes and objectives.

How can it be used for training?

Problem-solving dog toys are used to train the mind. More specific training exercises and their objectives are more for show than anything else, but it will help your pup find food and work around any obstacles he faces!

  • Positive reinforcement. These toys can introduce your puppy to the method of positive reinforcement, a system in which he is rewarded for good behavior instead of punished for undesirable behavior. He will learn that if he does something you want, he gets a treat. Each aspect of a problem-solving toy requires your pup to perform an action. This helps jumpstart his brain into understanding what you may want from him and what he can do to get more yummy treats!
  • Dogs are natural predators. Though they do not need to hunt for their food now, the instinct is still there. Help your pup let it out in a constructive way that hurts no one with a toy that gives him a treat when he hunts. Some require getting a treat out of a hole or picking one out from under a specific cup.

Best interactive problem-solving toys

No matter what you want to train your pup to do, there is an interactive toy that can help! All you have to do is use your imagination.

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And remember, puppyhood is fast and is gone before you know it. Make sure to savor the time when your pup is young, and take lots of pictures along the way!