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How It Works

Our mission is to help you navigate the challenges and celebrate the joys of every stage of your pup’s life. Each month, your pup will receive a box filled with all the toys, treats, accessories and training info you need to be the best parent pawsible! Everything is tested by real dogs and customized to grow with your pup, making sure they always have everything – at the right time.


New pup? We've got you covered! Your first six months of PupBox will be filled with cuddly plush toys, ample teething chews, training essentials & expert advice to get you through this lovable stage.

7 - 18 MONTHS Young Pup

Rebellious pup? No prob! 7-18 month boxes are set to keep your curious pup busy with tough toys for chewing, interactive toys to aid with brain development and training for specific skills.

1.5 - 6+ YEARS (VARIES BY SIZE) Grown Pup

The fun goes beyond puppyhood! As a grown pup, you can expect pup-approved products and toys each month with monthly tips & tricks to keep your furbaby learning & working on new skills in adulthood.

7 - 11+ YEARS (VARIES BY SIZE) Senior Pup

For our older canine companions who need some extra TLC, we include softer chews, adorable plushies and products to keep your pup healthy. Coming in 2022

What's Included?

  • Training Guides

    We walk you through the many changes going on within your puppy and what you should be doing to keep up. All training guides are created by expert trainers!

  • Treats

    Tasty training treats are always included to keep your pup motivated and focused on new games and lessons! All treats meet Petco's high nutritional standards.

  • Toys

    Teething toys, plush toys, rope toys, interactive toys and tough toys are all included and rotated based on your pup’s development. We keep you on your paws with our seasonal and holiday toys!

  • Chews

    Meaty bones, bullys and jerkys will keep your pup happy, occupied and out of trouble! … nomnomnomn

  • Accessories

    From grooming goodies to cleaning essentials we get you the accessories you need when you need them.

Getting Started

Create your Pup's Profile

We grow with your pup! Our pup profile allows us to cater each box to the evolving needs of your pup. Each box is customized based on your pup's stage of life and physical characteristics.

We ship it (for free)!

When choosing your plan, the more you commit in advance, the more money you save! All plans renew automatically at the end of the subscription term, so you won’t miss any great products or training info. Free shipping in the USA.

Delivered to your front door

We ship out our PupBoxes on a rolling basis. Your box will be sent within 5-7 business days upon placing your order and your tracking number is sent via email. Watch your box as it hops around the country on its way to you.

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